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Magrav Reactor – english

Magrav Reactor


The Magrav Reaktor is an arrangement of copperwire that is wound into coils, nanocoated in order to change the molecular structure of the surface of the wire and then combined with Gans Material and plasma capacitors. It was developed by the Keshe Foundation in order to achieve many different effects. With it´s design it copies one of the basic principles of the universe and it becomes a reciever for the surrounding free plasma which can result in savings on your electricity bill.

        picture shows black nanolayer that forms from the atoms of the copperwire

The Magrav is based on the magnetic-gravitational prinziple (push/pull – give/take – repulsion/gravity). Through thermic (fire) or chemical (sodium hydroxide) process a black graphene-like layer forms on the surface of the copperwire (which consists of copper(I)-oxide [Cu2O] und copper(II)-oxide [CuO])*1 and is hereby referred to as nanolayer – see picture below). These layers act a a carrier or a conductor for the transmission of magnetic and gravitational fields. These gaphene layers also now behave as both an insulator and a superconductor*². So plasmatic magnetic fields (pmtics) are recieved from the environment and held inside, but yet there´s no resistance to the current. The quantum fluktuations within these graphene layers are so strong that the normal magnetic order is being supressed*³ . You could say that the molecular structure of the copper opens up in this process. This means that the spaces between the atoms of the nanolayer are growing and this creates a kind of field in which unusual so called quantum-effects can be observed like superconductivity or the creation of current from „space“ which is actually the free plasma.

This is also known as the Meissner Effect (wikipedia), which connects to what was known as the Ether a hundred years ago and is now referred to as „quantum fluid“ in mainstream physics). Inside of these graphene like layers the quantum fluctuations are so strong that usual magnetic order is surpressed. Plasmatic magnetic fields (Keshe calls them pmatics) collect within these layers and transport them inside and along the wire, but not back out, which is one of the properties of superconductors. The plasma interacts with the Frequency of the current, which is usually 50-60Hz in Europe and it ajusts to that. In the optimum case it will now autonomously produce additional electricity so there´s less consumption from the grid. On top of that the house wiring will gradually be nanocoated too, so after some time it can act as a plasma reciever without even the Magrav itsself.

surface of the graphene-like layer under a microscope

Keshe physics is not based on the mainstream view of purely material, atomistic perception of the universe, but on magnetism in plasmatic state of matter (plasmatic magnetic fields which form the magnetic fields known to us and in conclusion the matter that forms from it). Through morphic resonance even our mind will interact with it and add impulses which can affect performance. Intention and thankfullness  – or more precicely emotion – play a major role in this as in life in general. The similarities that are observed when compared to certain quantum-effects like the double-slit experiment which shows that the observer affects the outcome – and is therefore not disconnected from it´s environment. This is a hardcore fact even in ancient metaphysics, but it´s not being thought in school these days.

Further observations and optimisations are is process and are being presented on a regular basis from users of the Keshe Foundation itsself (like The Magrav V2 or the Star Formation). This is only one of the many applications of the plasma technologie. It has proved to be usefull in agriculture, transport & health.

„The reactors you are building is not a generator. It´s a reciever. And I am trying to show you how to tune into the solar system – into galaxy´s energy field – that you can recieve anything you like…. you have to tune into the magnetic field strenght of the sun.  When you tune your frequency of your radio to a certain channel you recieve a message. This is the same thing.“ Mehran T. Keshe talking about Magrav Reactors



*1 see german articel on supraconductors based on copperoxid – nobelprice winner Dr. Johannes Georg Bednors
( nobelprice for physics in 2003 (english)

 *³ (german)

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