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Konventional Industrie has tried for decades to cover growing energy consumption through the burning of coal or the splitting of the atom. But coal mining and nuclear energy pose enormous risk to the environment and the human species. Also in a centralized energy production and distribution the energy dissipates on it´s way to the consumer and creates unnecessary losses. This can never be a sustainable solution to the growing consumption. A sensible energy creation, not in a destructive way through burning and explosion motors, but in a creative way based on the natural laws of the universe is now being presented publicly by the Keshe Foundation (i.e. magrav reactor).

Plasma in the sense of the Keshe Foundation is a collection cosmic magnetic fields that in it´s interaction with other magnetic fields of similar strenght creates the fundamental particles in the creation of matter. Such Fields are called quantum fields in mainstream physics. In his book „The universal order of creation of matters“ Mehran T. Keshe postulates some of the basic mechanisms of the creation of fundamental particles and explaines how to replicate the structure of the inner core of the earth in order to create reactors that lead to the creation of light, reduction in weight and lift&motion. Through the use of some basic principles of nature it becomes possible to create vast amounts of energies like electricity and heat by tapping into the galactic magnetic field and by creating an independant magnetosphere around such reactors.

Back in the 1930´s the structure of matter seemed to be completed with the atomic model consisting of proton, neutron, electron, myons and neutrinos). But Keshe proves logically, that the neutron is made up of what is called Dark Matter, Anti Matter and Matter itsself. These three matters are made up of magnetic fields of different strenght that interact, inter-balance and interlock with each other and lead to the creation of the Initial Fundamental Plasma – the Neutron.

The Keshe Plasma physics builds up on some of the knowledge of mainstream physics, but even goes a step further and defines some things in a completely new way. It is based on the magnetism in the plasmatic state of the matter (which is the etheric magnetism that leads to the magnetism that we know and eventually to the creation of matter.