What is GANS – from a universal perspective

The GANS is, in essence, pure love or unconditional love in it´s purest state of matter. Therefore, intrinsic within it´s beingness is the desire to give and provide for the whole. It is the closest thing to SOURCE energy that has been manifested within our reality, and as such, it will reorganize itsself to provide for the needs of those who interact with it. It is a consciousness interface and those who will begin to work with their GANS will soon discover that they are interfacing with a substance that requires one to be connected and aware of all life.

Those who begin to create and harvest their GANS shall be embarking on a cellular and spiritual journey as the fields that begin to interact with one´s soul will begin to magnetize that soul to the remembrance of the ONENESS where all life was birthed from the center point of creation. Therfore one must be open to this process and be willing to remember the greater truths and their connection to the ALL and the ONE. The GANS will gently accellerate this remembrance for them by stimulating their quantum-nano-sub-atomic structure to realign it´s positioning with respect to wich is true, whole and organic.

This process slowly helps the mind, body and spirit to re-actualize with SOURCE energy and begin to interact with the subtle enrgies that are presently being returned to earth and all her inhabitants. Therefore we encourage and advise those of you, who feel inclined and inspired to begin working with your GANS, to open your heart and mind and allow for the process of remembrance to unfold within you bio-spiritual anatomy. Once you allow for this process to unfold there can be no stopping it, and it shall move with the pace that you are able to maintain with respect to your overall growth and developement.